Saturday, February 22, 2014

Prehistoric Megastorms ~ Hypercane

Hypercane viewed from space

Today on Far Future Horizons we present another exciting episode of the acclaimed documentary series Prehistoric Megastorms.

Many scientists generally accept the theory that the dinosaurs were wiped out by a ten kilometer wide asteroid, which crashed into the Yucatan Peninsula sixty five million years ago.

This celestial projectile is alleged to have been responsible for wiping out seventy-five percent of all life on earth. But was this asteroid solely responsible for the demise of the dinosaurs?

An impacting body of this size would have released a colossal amount of heat energy into the Earth’s atmosphere generating massive shock waves and winds of unprecedented speed.

Now, imagine, if you can, the most powerful and destructive hurricane ever to hit this planet. Try to visualize a vortex that reaches a height of 32 kilometers (20 miles) and having wind speeds approaching 1,130 kilometers per hour (700 mph). Was such a massive super hurricane or Hypercane a contributing factor in the demise of the dinosaurs?

The Vortex of Hypercane
What else can possibly trigger a Hypercane? Could one of these devastating disasters possibly happen on Earth again in the not too distant future?

This and other episodes of the History Channel’s acclaimed documentary series, Prehistoric Megastorms can be purchased from and the History Channel’s online store.

Prehistoric Megastorms ~ Hypercane
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