Friday, February 28, 2014

Life on Two Alien Worlds

Today on Far Future Horizons  we will explore two imaginary worlds - Aurelia and the Blue Moon and the strange and wonderful alien lifeforms that inhabit them. 

“Extraterrestrial” is a two-hour science special which brings imaginary aliens and their entire biosphere to life as some of the world’s leading astrobiologists and astronomers report from the Planetary Investigation Lab – where two new planets have been identified.

Aurelia and the Blue Moon may be fictitious worlds but scientists believe that worlds like these could exist and sustain life.

Stunning graphics and holograms are used to realize these Alien Worlds, and the scientists are able to investigate what life forms might survive there.

The documentary explores what the alien lifeforms might look like, how they evolved and adapted to their unique environments and whether intelligence and sentience might eventually evolve on these worlds. 

This documentary is available on DVD in the United Kingdom under the title “Alien Worlds” from

National Geographic Extraterrestrial - Aurelia

Extraterrestrial: Aurelia by silichip

National Geographic - Extraterrestrial - Blue Moon

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