Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Supervolcano: The Motion Picture

Doomsday Supervolcano 

Today on Far Future Horizons we present  the motion picture Supervolcano a science docufiction disaster  film that originally aired on March 13th,  2005 on BBC One and on April 10th, 2005 on the Discovery Channel.

The film’s central premise is based on the potential eruption of the volcanic caldera of Yellowstone National Park. Its tagline is "Scientists know it as the deadliest volcano on Earth. You know Yellowstone."

Volcanic caldera of Yellowstone National Park

Supervolcano is a motion picture that shows how the United States and the rest of the world would struggle to survive in the wake of such a major catastrophe.

Supervolcano is available on DVD from Amazon Books and the BBC’s online shop.

Recently the acclaimed author Harry Turtledove published a series of novels beginning with Supervolcano: Eruption and its sequels that deals with this mega-catastrophe and its global consequences. These novels are also available from Amazon Books in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Supervolcano The Motion Picture
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