Friday, August 14, 2015

Is It Real? ~ "Lake Monsters (Monsters of the Deep)"

Today on Far Future Horizons we go in search of Monsters of the Deep with another exciting episode of the acclaimed National Geographic documentary series – Is It Real?

Could remnants of prehistoric sea creatures still be lurking in the deep waters of lakes and oceans around the world?

In this installment we investigate the numerous reports of sightings of sea monsters in the waters of the San Francisco Bay, Scotland’s Lake Loch Ness, and British Columbia’s Lake Okanagan.

This episode will also re-examine photographs and film footage of these sea monsters to reveal the truth behind their existence.

This episode of Is It Real?, is also available from Amazon Books’ Instant video.

Sea serpent by Lisha Phish

Is It Real? is an American television series that originally aired from April 25, 2005 to August 14, 2007 on the National Geographic Channel. The program examines popular or persistent mysteries to determine whether the featured cryptozoological creature (cryptid) or supernatural phenomenon is real or not. The show typically includes interviews with believers or proponents of the featured paranormal claims, and then with scientists and skeptics who attempt to find rational explanations for such phenomena using a scientific approach.

Is It Real? ~ "Lake Monsters (Monsters of the Deep)"
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