Monday, August 24, 2015

Stargazing - A Graphic Guide to the Heavens Part 1

Today on Far Future Horizons we are introducing a new documentary series about Astronomy which is sure to delight both experts and novices alike entitled “Stargazing - A Graphic Guide to the Heavens”.

This documentary series is a wonderful introduction to the exciting field of Astronomy and covers a wonderful range of astronomical topics that is sure to bring delight to those who are beginning to take up the  science of astronomy for very first time. This series will help you make sense of the night sky, distinguish between constellations, and will introduce you to the wonders of the heavens observable to the naked eye. So be prepared to take a breathtaking tour through the entire celestial sphere.

In part one of the series we will explore “How the Sky Works” and see the night sky through the eyes of our ancient forbearers.

Stargazing - A Graphic Guide to the Heavens Part 1 is available on DVD from Amazon Books.

Stargazing - A Graphic Guide To The Heavens Part 1 - How The Sky Works

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