Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Sixth Finger

"Where are we going? Life, the timeless, mysterious gift, is still evolving. What wonders, or terrors, does evolution hold in store for us in the next ten thousand years? In a million? In six million? Perhaps the answer lies in this old house in this old and misty valley ..."

Today on Far Future Horizons we present a SciFi classic from the hit 1960s TV series “The Outer Limits. Today we present the episode “The Sixth Finger” starring the Man from U.N.C.L.E.'s David McCallum as Gwyllm Griffiths

This is one of my most favorite story of the entire series. 

"The Sixth Finger" first aired on October 14th, 1963, during the first season of “The Outer Limits”.

The basic plot line of "The Sixth Finger" is that a scientist develops the means to advance the evolution of man by 20,000 years. Gwyllm Griffiths, a young coal miner (played by David McCallum) volunteers to be evolved. 

However, he continues to evolve beyond his control.

Gwyllm is gradually evolved into the man of the far future. He develops a thirst for knowledge, E.S.P. powers, and the desire to destroy the local village.

The man of super intelligence from "The Sixth Finger" ©Greg Manchess

"The Sixth Finger" can be purchased direct from Amazon’s  InstantVideo.

The Outer Limits ~ The Sixth Finger

TOL (1963) s01e05 by y2jin99
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