Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Prehistoric New York

Today on Far Future Horizons we are going to embark on a voyage into the past and visit a very different and utterly alien Manhattan Island.

We are going to visit a prehistoric and wild city that never sleeps - Prehistoric New York.

The Big Apple is the ultimate twenty-first century city, packed with a population of over eight million people and overgrown with skyscrapers.

But, before this land of glass steel concrete and asphalt came into existence, New York City was home to alien landscapes and inhabited by a menagerie of strange creatures stretching back over many millennia.

Eight ton mastodons once walked and trampled everything in their path on what is today Fifth Avenue, and a sea turtle bigger than a compact car swam directly over Midtown Manhattan.

Gigantic sea scorpions were once part of prehistoric Coney Island’s freak show, and some of the world's first dinosaurs roamed where the New York Giants  play football today, and the "king of the hill" in Frank Sinatra's old song was once Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The Big Apple still bears the scars of its ancient past, a time when it was buried under a titanic glacier, and it also sits on the site of a two million year old volcanic catastrophe.

And, although New York City today enjoys views of the Atlantic Ocean, it was once in the middle of a vast desert continent. No matter the era, New York has always been the centre of action throughout the turbulent and tumultuous history of our planet.

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Prehistoric New York
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