Thursday, November 19, 2015

Do We Live in the Matrix?

Today on Far Future Horizons we join veteran actor Morgan Freeman for another exciting installment of the acclaimed documentary series Through the Wormhole.
This episode explores the question - Do We Live in the Matrix?

Our universe seems real. But what if it’s a videogame?

Scientists in a variety of fields are taking seriously the possibility that we live in a virtual reality. Maybe the Big Bang was just the moment someone flipped the switch and turned on our universe.

Do We Live in the Matrix?

Maybe what looks random has already been programmed to happen.

If some advanced civilization did design and program our universe, would we ever know? Scientists are looking for glitches in the laws of the universe that may uncover its hidden code.

To quote an old friend of mine, "If we are indeed living in a simulation let's hope it's a good simulation."

This episode of Through the Wormhole hosted by Morgan Freeman can be purchased direct from Amazon’s Instant Video.

Do We Live in the Matrix?

Through the Wormhole S06 E04 - Do We Live in... by kaanozten
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