Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Weapons of Mass Extinction

The Cosmic Grim Reaper© Leighton Johns

Today on Far Future Horizons we present another exciting episode of the acclaimed documentary series How the Universe Works ~ Weapons of Mass Extinction.

The Universe is a very dangerous place to live. Death and destruction lie all around us. The Cosmic Grim Reaper lies in wait; scythe in hand, in some dark corner of the universe ever ready to bestow some dark faith upon us.

Asteroids strike, planets collide, black holes blast out death rays, volcanoes erupt and ice engulfs the planets. These are the universe’s weapons of mass extinction. These events have happened before wiping out entire species in Extinction Level Events (E.L.Es), and these events will most certainly happen again. Are we next?

A few words regarding the painting that graces the top of today’s blog post.

A number of years ago,  I was searching for pictures to illustrate another blog post using the ever dependable and very indispensable, Google image search feature. And, on a whim,  I typed the words “The Cosmic Grim Reaper”.  That was how I stumbled upon Mr. Johns’ fantastic blog site.

I encourage my readers to visit Leighton Johns’ blog spot and view other excellent examples of his work.

This episode of How the Universe Works can be purchased from Amazon’s Instant video.

Weapons of Mass Extinction
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