Monday, November 9, 2015

Are Aliens Inside Us?

Today on Far Future Horizons we join veteran actor Morgan Freeman in another outstanding episode of the acclaimed Science Channel documentary series Through the Wormhole.

In this installment, we explore a very intriguing “Alien Invasion” scenario of sorts.

What if aliens are already here? Are Aliens Inside Us?


The odds are excellent that extraterrestrial life exists. So why haven’t we found aliens out in the galaxy? Are we looking in the wrong places?

New research shows we should look closer to home, even inside our bodies. It turns out that a lot of our DNA is from a mysterious, nonhuman source.


Theoretically, alien microbial life can make the journey to Earth from distant worlds, and scientists are finding some unearthly microbes in our upper atmosphere. Could it be from outer space? Could we be part alien?

Parts of mammalian DNA are so alien they have been dubbed “space invaders” by the researchers that found them. The discovery, if confirmed, will change our understanding of evolution.

Alien Nanobots

It’s even possible alien life is already here as digital life forms, hiding inside our technology.

This episode of Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman can be purchased direct from Amazon’s Instant Video.

Are Aliens Inside Us?

Through the Wormhole S06 E05 - Are Aliens... by kaanozten
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