Saturday, November 21, 2015

Is God an Alien Concept?

Today on Far Future Horizons we join veteran actor Morgan Freeman in another exciting installment of the acclaimed documentary series Through the Wormhole.

In this episode we go in search of God as we explore the question - Is God an Alien Concept?

Is God worshipped on other worlds, across the cosmos? How might alien deities differ from our own? The answer may lie buried on Earth.

Animal behaviorists are testing elephants and finding them capable of having spiritual thoughts. Artificial intelligence researchers are building enlightened robots that contemplate the divine.

Meanwhile, cosmologists are looking for universal equations that could replace God. Have advanced aliens discovered everything there is to know about the universe? Or are they looking to a higher power for answers?

This episode of Through the Wormhole hosted by Morgan Freeman can be purchased direct from Amazon’s Instant Video.

Is God an Alien Concept?

Is God an Alien Concept? by costello74
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