Saturday, March 5, 2016

Colonizing Mars

Copyright Bryan Versteeg Mars One

Today on Far Future Horizons we present an excerpt from a feature documentary titled Someday Somewhere Beyond which explores the history and future of space colonies.

Copyright Bryan Versteeg Mars One

Someday Somewhere Beyond was directed and edited by Jonathan Minard, and has some wonderful conceptual animation by artist Bryan Versteeg and features interviews with Robert Zubrin and Margarita Marinova.

In the following segment Robert Zubrin, author and aerospace engineer, has the blueprints to build a colony on Mars. He and NASA Ames researcher Margarita Marinova explain how and why humans will one day turn the Red Planet green, establishing the next frontier of technological innovation and seeding the universe with new branches of life.

This documentary is a production of Deepspeed Media.

Deepspeed media was formed around a shared belief that ideas, particularly in the domains of science and art, benefit from creative intermediaries: communicators and evangelists who awaken and spread the sense of wonder driving discovery.

We use documentary as a platform to share stories about people working at the frontiers: in obscure domains, on the peripheries of culture, maybe inaccessible at some remote edge of the known world. Deepspeed seeks to craft the dispatches for these explorers, whose daily lives have the power to inspire. We wish to illuminate these subjects—the scientists, artists, and their pursuits—with our own spirit of curiosity, and to celebrate the alien and mysterious.

Author's note: Be sure to visit by artist Bryan Versteeg's fantastic website which contains some of the finest examples of his concept space art and animation.  

Someday Somewhere Beyond ~ Colonizing Mars

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