Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Ancient Discoveries - Twisted Weapons of the East

Today on Far Future Horizons we explore the twisted and deadly weaponry of the Ancient East in another exciting episode of the acclaimed documentary series – Ancient Discoveries - Twisted Weapons of the East

Ancient Discoveries travels to the farthest corners of the ancient East to uncover weapons never before seen by the world at large. 

In India, we encounter martial artists wielding terrifying six foot long flexible steel swords, a steel projectile that can sever the limbs of any enemies, and an ancient Indian booby trap which impales its victims as they sleep.

In Egypt, the ways in which a camel was turned into a weapon of war are explored and tested.

Travelling further east to China, experts investigate how armour that could stop arrows were made of nothing more than paper. Finally, through painstaking research, we construct the world’s first unmanned weapon that went onto the battlefield over 2000 years ago.

This and other exciting episodes in the Ancient Discoveries series can be purchased on DVD from the History Channel’s online shop, or in special DVD collections available in the United Kingdom through Amazon.co.uk.  

Ancient Discoveries - Twisted Weapons of the East 

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