Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Alien Deep: Wrecks of the Abyss

Today on Far Future Horizons we join Dr. Robert Ballard on voyage in search of ancient ship wrecks in the abysmal depths of the Mediterranean sea. 

Textbooks say that the Ancients did not have the guts to brave the open sea, out of sight of land and exposed to the elements, but not surprisingly, Dr. Ballard and his crew are out again to rewrite history. In Wrecks of the Abyss, captain and crew sail out into the deep water sea lanes of the Mediterranean in search of ancient shipwrecks that generations of scholars have written-off as impossible finds.

The Alien Deep, it’s a place in the sea, thousands of feet beneath the surface, far from the first crack of light, where the planet’s last and greatest secrets hide in the cold darkness of endless night. In this five-part series, Dr. Robert Ballard, famed explorer who found the Titanic at its final resting place, takes viewers into these underwater worlds where no man has gone before.

Take a voyage via submersible across our planet's largely unexplored ocean floors, and investigate the many mysteries of the sea, including underwater volcanoes and centuries-old shipwrecks.

The Alien Deep with Dr. Robert Ballard is available on DVD from Amazon.com and the National Geographic Society's online store.

Alien Deep: Wrecks of the Abyss
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