Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Roman Empire - Ancient Superpower

Today on Far Future Horizons we travel back in time to visit the mightiest Superpower of the Ancient World – The Roman Empire.  

This map  shows the extent of the Roman Empire at three times in history: at the death of Caesar (44 B.C.E.), at the death of Augustus (14 C.E.), and at the death of Marcus Aurelius (180 C.E.). The gains are cumulative: this means that Aurelius' empire included the areas that were in Caesar's and Augustus' realm, not just the areas colored red. Caesar re-founded Corinth in 44 C.E., when the Roman Empire had spread to the darker orange color. This area plus the green area gives an idea of the extent of the Roman Empire during the time of Paul.

For centuries, Rome governed hundreds of thousands of people in an empire that covered as much as two million square miles. In an age when most travel was done on foot, how was this possible? 

Digging deep into the lives of two emperors who presided over one of the most successful periods in Roman history, this documentary explores how the empire owed its longevity to its ambition, innovation and genius for administration; and, how Rome endured for centuries as one of the greatest bureaucracies on earth. 

This documentary The Roman Empire - Ancient Superpower is part of the DVD collection When Rome Ruled the World available from

The Roman Empire - Ancient Superpower
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