Monday, September 12, 2016

Holiday in Outer Space

Today on Far Future Horizons we travel to the ultimate holiday destination and have a look at what space travel might be like through the eyes of visionaries, and learn about some of the most audacious projects ever. 


Space is an unforgiving environment and the journey into space equally so. Tiny errors of manufacture or judgement are hugely amplified in the marginal corridor out of Earth's atmosphere. This should not be in any way an obstacle to progress and exploration - the 'shuttlecock-style' return-to-Earth system of Space Ship One has the lowest-energy impact of any space transport system currently in service. 

SpaceShipTwo Comparison With SpaceShipOne

It has been possible to book a flight on Space Ship Two for the last four years. Virgin Galactic already has hundreds of advanced bookings from a surprisingly diverse mix of people (mixed in the sense of having access to $200,000 for the price of a ticket).

This and other National Geographic Channel documentaries can be purchased from their online store

National Geographic Holiday in Outer Space 
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