Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ice World - A Tale of Human Survival

Today on Far Future Horizons we venture back in time some twenty-four thousand years to witness an epic tale of human survival during the last Ice Age.

We join a small band of ancient Europeans teetering on the brink of annihilation as they struggle with the most extreme living conditions anyone has ever faced, from encroaching sheets of ice that swallowed every bit of fertile land to a climate that was, on average, seventy degrees colder than it is today.

For these humans, survival meant more than simply keeping warm; it meant abandoning their hunting and gathering lifestyle and finding a whole new way of living – a way of living that endures to this very day.

Ice World is an exciting documentary that you will want to add to your DVD collection and is available from Amazon.com. Go back in time twenty-four years to the last Ice Age and watch as Ice World narrates and dramatizes this amazing tale of human survival. Through stunning computer graphics and reconstructions, you’ll see how the earth’s climate shifted overtime, eventually covering much of North America and Europe with two-mile high ice sheets.

Ice World

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