Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Star Trek - 30 Years and Beyond

Today on Far Future Horizons we continue our week-long celebration of Star Trek’s Fifty Year Anniversary.

Our video presentation for today is “Star Trek: 30 Years and Beyond” which was a TV documentary special made to commemorate the Star Trek franchise's 30th Anniversary and originally aired live on UPN on 6 October 1996.

This documentary, directed by Louis J. Horvitz, also helmed many live telecasts including many editions of the Academy Awards.

 “Star Trek: 30 Years and Beyond” was hosted by Ted Danson and the show featured an assortment of montages and a large number of speakers.

Amongst them were Ben Stiller, Joan Collins, John de Lancie, Nichelle Nichols, LeVar Burton, John Larroquette, Marina Sirtis, Avery Brooks, former astronauts Buzz Aldrin, and Dr Mae Jemison.

“Star Trek: 30 Years and Beyond” can be purchased direct from Amazon Books.

Star Trek - 30 Years and Beyond
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