Friday, September 23, 2016

The Future Is Wild –Episode Two: Return of the Ice

The Gannetwhale

Today on Far Future Horizons we are going to take a voyage five million years into the future with our world once again finding itself griped in an Ice Age. Just as in the past, life has managed adapt to these bleak conditions and has taken on new fantastical forms to deal with the unforgiving conditions of an ice covered world.

The episode is set in North Europe, five million years into the future. The episode focuses on three species: (1) Shagrat, a descendant of the marmot that has grown in size and developed thicker fur and a smaller nose to protect it from the cold; (2) Snowstalker, a descendant of the wolverine that has evolved sabre-teeth and white fur for camouflage; (3) Gannetwhale, a descendant of the gannet which has grown to immense size to replace the sea mammals. The episode explains that the onset of the ice age was very fast, so many animals died out. The ones that did survive had to evolved fast.


This is why rodents are still successful. The episode follows the story of a female Snowstalker teaching her cubs to hunt, the Gannetwhale's breeding season and the mass migration to the south of the Shagrats.

The Future is Wild is available on DVD from Amazons Books.

The Future Is Wild –Episode Two: Return of the Ice

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