Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hitler Victorious

It is perhaps one of the greatest “what ifs” and “might have beens” of history. What if Hitler succeeded in winning the Second World War in Europe? What if Hitler’s Luftwaffe had won the Battle of Britain in September, 1941 and over the succeeding weeks Britain fell under the Nazi jackboot?
Today on Far Future Horizons we take a voyage through Alternate History and explore the world of Hitler Victorious with our two full length video offerings.

Hitler's Britain (Direct Link)
An alternate history of Britain under the Nazi jackboot and the Brits Fight Back in Churchill's Secret Army.

Fatherland (Direct Link)

All parts in order of 'Fatherland', the 1994 TV movie based on the alternate history novel by Robert Harris where Nazi Germany is the victor of the second World War in Europe.

Hitler's Britain and Fatherland are both available on from Amazon Books.  

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