Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mars Rising - The Search for Life

Today on Far Future Horizons we will explore one of the most enduring and tantalising questions connected to the red planet. In the sixth and final instalment of the Discovery Channel's landmark television series Mars Rising - The Search For Life. William Shatner narrates this exciting series.

Is there life on Mars? Scientists in North America and elsewhere are combing the most barren places on Earth to search out bacteria, amino acids or carbonates in the most inhospitable environments existing on our world in search of clues to help answer the age old question - Is there life on Mars and elsewhere in the cosmos? Did life on Mars arise independently in a separate act of biogenesis? Or, does life on Earth and Mars have a common ancestry? And finally does Martian life pose a potential threat to the humans who venture there and the human civilization left behind on Earth? Will the human species one day face the threat of a very real Andromeda Strain?

The search for past or existent life on Mars is perhaps one of the most compelling reasons why humanity will go there. And, if it can be proved that life once existed on Mars or still ekes out a tenacious hold there, then Mars may hold the potential of becoming the second abode of the human species.

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Mars Rising - The Search for Life

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