Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cosmic Collisions

Today on Far Future Horizons we explore the most violent cosmic collisions that have shaped the evolution of the known universe and our planet.

Known Universe/Extreme Universe heads to the front line of asteroid defense to study what is being done to prevent a catastrophic collision.

Could an asteroid impact with Earth wipe out the human race? Known Universe explores what is being done to prevent such an Armageddon by heading to the first line of asteroid defense: the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory in Arizona. Here we see the technologies used to monitor the skies for near-Earth objects, including a football stadium-sized rock that will pass close to Earth on Friday April 13, 2029. Scientists predict it may be so close that gravity could cause a catastrophic collision.

This episode of Extreme Universe (Known Universe) ~ Cosmic Collisions is available from Amazon Books.

Known Universe/Extreme Universe -  Cosmic Collisions

Extreme Universe: Collision Course [2/6] by silichip
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