Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Age of the Airship

Zeppelin over New York City

Today on Far Future Horizons we present a fascinating documentary concerning “The Age of Airships” and their possible future come back.

A Future Airship Over New York Harbor

Airships flew years before the Wright Brothers flew the first airplane, yet it has been almost forgotten. The largest aircraft ever built was an airship. The first aerial bombardment of one nation by another was conducted using airships and they still are the only airborne aircraft carriers ever built. Follow the rise and fall of the airship and discover the shining future of air travel that never was.

The Skyliner Future Airship

Aerial exploration of a dry valley on Mars. This painting, by David A. Hardy, depicts the dirigible airship Arrowhead described in Kim Stanley Robinson's novel 'Red Mars'.

Lost Worlds: In each of these episodes, historians, architects, and engineers are consulted as on-screen guides to our fascinating journeys to the past. The result is a detailed narrative that combines social, religious, political, and technological aspects of history, until the magic moment arrives when all of this information is used (along with detailed CGI imagery) to unveil these important structures in their pristine form--in many cases more colourful and architecturally impressive than anyone could imagine. All of this makes Lost Worlds a richly rewarding experience, essentially the next best thing to owning a time machine. --Jeff Shannon

Lost Worlds is available on DVD from

Lost Worlds - Age of Airships

Secret History of Airships - Full Documentary by sophalphav
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