Monday, November 3, 2014

Earth Overhaul

It is claimed by some scientists that climate change is being felt the world over and if global warming continues the effects could be catastrophic.

Some scientists and engineers are proposing radical, large-scale ideas that could save us from disaster. Although these ideas might have unknown side effects, some scientists believe we may soon have no choice but to put these radical and controversial plans into action.

Will humanity engage in a massive program of Planetary and climatic engineering, in order to maintain the natural life support systems that sustain humanity and the other life forms that call this Earth home?

In essence will humanity embark on a program of Terraforming the Earth?

Professors John Latham and Stephen Salter have designed a fleet of yachts that would pump fine particles of sea-water into clouds, thickening them to reflect more of the Sun's rays.

Today on Far Future Horizons we explore with host Sean Riley four outlandish solutions designed to drastically alter Earth’s climate and save the planet.

Re-Engineering the Earth courtesy the Atlantic  Replenishing the Ozone Layer 

In this National Geographic documentary Sean Riley explores the work of gutsy, innovative scientists attempting the "world's toughest fix" yet: hacking Earth to drastically alter its climate and save the planet. In this hour, Riley will investigate four proposed geoengineering solutions to our climate change problem, starting with CGI depicting the devastating consequences these are designed to prevent. Then, in a "hands-on" section, Riley will go into the lab with the inventive scientist and engineers who've hatched these outlandish solutions.

This and other National Geographic Channel documentaries are available on DVD from their online store.

Earth Overhaul

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