Monday, September 21, 2015

Ancient Discoveries - Chinese Warfare

Today on Far Future Horizons we will be exploring the military innovations of ancient China,including their invention and use of gunpowder, flame throwers, rockets,automated crossbows, siege machines, and the grand scale of their battles.

Historians have lionized the battlefield technology of the ancient Romans, Greeks and Egyptians for centuries. Yet, as this instalment of Ancient Discoveries reveals, in the East there is an extraordinary array of weaponry that has been over looked by the history books: the war machines of ancient China.

Drawing upon the latest 3-D computer graphics, new historical evidence and the testimony of leading experts, this episode takes us on an incredible journey back to a time when China was a patchwork of states all vying for military supremacy.

This and other episodes of Ancient Discoveries are available from the History Channel's online store and in special collection that can be purchased from the United Kingdom from

Ancient Discoveries - Chinese Warfare

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