Friday, September 18, 2015

Secret Science of the Occult

Today on Far Future Horizons we present another exciting episode of the acclaimed documentary Ancient Discoveries - Secret Science of the Occult.

Do not let the title of this installment of Ancient Discoveries mislead you. It is not a affirmation of the esoteric world of the occult but rather a behind the scenes look at the technical wizardry employed to bedazzle worshipers and instill fear in attacking enemy forces bent on conquest and pillage.

In Mexico, explorers use a sacred ancient Mayan temple code to search for an occult underworld engineered in the depths of the earth–a mysterious site where no TV cameras have ever ventured. In Britain, investigators uncover the secret technologies behind a life size statue of Jesus Christ that miraculously came to life.

Weapons experts reveal the science that saved the holy military order of the Knights of Malta from certain annihilation from the Ottoman Turks in the bloodiest siege in Malta's history, a siege that used human heads as cannonballs and the awesome power of flame to great effect.

In Greece, archaeologists solve the mystery of the oracle of the dead; an eerie sanctuary where flying ghosts appeared from the depths of hell.

You can obtain this and other episodes of Ancient Discoveries from in the United States and special DVD collections of the series from in the United Kingdom.

Ancient Discoveries - Secret Science of the Occult

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