Thursday, September 3, 2015

Modern Marvels: 60s Tech

Today on Far Future Horizons we take a voyage back to the 1960s and recall the technological happenings that helped shape the decade. A decade that saw humankind take its first steps on another world.

Color TV, computers the size of Mac® trucks and Lava lamps we return to the heady days of the Space Age with this affectionate look at the advances that convinced us the “future is NOW!” For over a decade, Modern Marvels has brought grand stories to life. This documentary is the ultimate celebration of engineering excellence.

From broadcast satellites to superballs, high-tech advances in the 60s improved every part of our lives.

The Best of Modern Marvels DVD MegaSet is currently available from the History Channel's online store and  

Modern Marvels: 60s Tech

Modern Marvels- 60's Tech by rob4-0
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