Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Near Earth Objects and Planetary Defense

Today on Far Future Horizons we highlight the outstanding work of the Near Earth Object (NEO) working group within the Space Generation Advisory Council.

The Space Generation Advisory Council  supports  the United Nations Program on Space Applications and is a non-governmental organization which aims to bring the views of students and young space professionals before the United Nations, Space Agencies and other organisations from all over the world.

The Near Earth Object (NEO) working group is dedicated to helping the worldwide planetary defense community to meet one of nature's greatest challenges. The group provides a youth perspective to planetary defense through annual reports, competitions, conference attendance, and public outreach projects related to Near Earth Objects.

Near Earth Objects and Planetary Defence is a volunteer made documentary about the current issues surrounding defending the Earth from Asteroid and Comet impacts.

In this artist's conception, a "gravity tractor" positions itself near an asteroid to pull it away from a collision course with Earth (seen in the background) (credit: B612 Foundation)

Scientists and Astronomers have long worried about the potential devastation that an impact from space could cause, but recently Engineers have been designing realistic missions to stop these natural disasters.

In this documentary, International Experts give their opinions on how to plan, pay for, build and safely execute a mission to stop an Asteroid or Comet from impacting our planet.

Near Earth Objects and Planetary Defense 

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