Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Siege of Troy

Today on Far Future Horizons we journey back in time three thousand years to one of the most epic battles of ancient history – the Siege of Troy

For three thousand years the Siege of Troy has remained steeped in mystery. Journey with us in this exciting episode of the acclaimed documentary series Ancient Discoveries, to the site in Turkey believed to be the location of the real Troy, as we analyze one of the world's greatest historical battlegrounds for new clues.

This program takes us behind the Troy celebrated by Hollywood to uncover fascinating evidence in regard to Achilles' duel against Hector, the sailing of the vast Mycenaean fleet and the wooden ship of Troy. Watch as modern technology, archaeology and engineering are employed to uncover the real story behind the legend of Troy.

Ancient Discoveries: The Siege of Troy is one exciting documentary you will want to add to your DVD collection and is available from

Ancient Discoveries - The Siege Of Troy
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