Friday, September 25, 2015

Ancient Record Breakers

Today on Far Future Horizons we explore some ancient world records that still stand today.

The most valuable thing in the ancient world is still the most valuable thing today--2000 dollars per gram! And incredibly it is made from nothing more than rotting shellfish.

What was the fastest thing in the ancient world and is it still the fastest man-made machine today? Ancient Discoveries builds a replica of a 2000 year old "jet engine", Heron’s steam engine, the Aeolipile. A weapons team finally reveal the only weapon in history that can shoot around corners--and solve a 500 year old debate.

Explosives experts reveal that the world's first gun was made of fruit, the Chinese Gourd Gun. And on a windswept beach in Britain, can a team of historians and engineers beat the ancient world land speed record?

You can obtain this and other episodes of Ancient Discoveries from in the United States and special DVD collections of the series from in the United Kingdom.
Ancient Discoveries - Ancient Record Breakers
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